DRL Official Rules - April 4, 2015

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DRL Official Rules - April 4, 2015

Post by King on Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:35 pm

DRL Official Rules are based off of the CSL Official Ruleset. Click here to view them.

Purple: Rules colored in purple are official CSL rules.
Yellow: Rules colored in yellow are edits/changes to CSL rules.
Orange: Rules colored in orange are rules added by DRL Staff.
Red: Rules colored in red have been removed.

General Rules:

1. Any clan or player that tries to manipulate rules may suffer consequences at the staff's discretion if a penalty is not already established in the ruleset. These consequences must be approved by the staff.
2. All rules and penalties are to be enforced. It is not for the division admins to decide which rules and penalties are to be applied on a case-to-case basis unless it is specifically stated by the rule in question that the division admin may decide on the matter.
3. All compensation and penalty values in the Match Rules are based on the 5vs5 point distribution. To get the compensation and penalties for other match sizes, go here: http://tinyurl.com/cslmultiplier.
4. Gentlemen’s agreements are not allowed unless otherwise stated in the rules for specific matters.
5. Post-match discussions about anything within the rules that can change a total match result must be brought to the staff's attention within 48 hours after completion. The only exception for going over this limit is if there is hacking evidence found in that match.
6. Rule changes made mid-season may not take place until the following season unless otherwise decided upon by the staff.
7. Should a rule be added or changed (mid-season or between seasons), these rule edits must be noted for all league participants to clearly see (for example, there must be a new and individual post stating these rule changes each time the rules have been edited). If this rule is broken, then league participants will not be held accountable for neglecting to follow said rule edits.
8. The rules may not be edited on a Saturday or a Sunday (using Eastern Time Zone).

Staff Formalities & Conduct:

1. Matters brought to the attention of the staff must be decided upon by a voting that yields to the majority.
2. Any member of the staff that fails to express their vote on a matter within 48 hours will have their vote excused from said matter.
3. Individual members of the council may not speak in official capacity on behalf of the council without the body of council's prior knowledge and approval. The first offense will result in a warning to the council member and all related actions being reversed. The second offense will result in a dismissal from council.

Match Rules:

A. Registration

1. Players registering must register with an IP address of their very own and not with any other player participating in the CSL.
2. Players may only register for one team.
3. Regardless of whether a player uses a friend code or not, they must post the friend codes that belong to their console and only use a registered friend code for league events.
3a. Players may register up to two consoles (or two save-files). If a player is registering more than one save-file, there must be proof that they are both linked to that person.
4. Players are allowed to only play for the team they have signed up for.
5. Registrations or made after 23:59 ET on Friday will not be eligible for that weekend's match.
6. Transfers mid-season to other clans may only be done at least two weeks after their registration/previous transfer.
7. Newly registered or transferring players may not participate in matches originally scheduled before their request was accepted. (Example: Registered Week 3, may not participate in rescheduled Week 2 Match.)
8. If an unregistered player/FC is caught playing for a team, that player will lose their points.
9. Teams must have 2 (no more than 2) correctly registered players in order to be seeded.

B. Match Structure

1. The only match size allowed to be played is 2vs2.
1a. The only match sizes that are not allowed on any condition are 3vs3s and below.
1b. If the size is higher than 3vs3 at the initial start of the match or GP (with at least 4 on one side), all races count unless one of the rules from Section I say otherwise.
2. Teams with less than 2 players able to play a given match must reschedule the match (on the opponent's consent).
3. Match duration is to last for 3 Grand Prixes (12 races total).
4. Both clans are entitled to 2 resets per match. To be clear, this is for player disconnections---NOT for redoing any races. Each additional reset will be penalized (-30 points).
4a. If one or more players from both clans disconnect during a race and requires the room to be reset, that will not count toward a clan's 2 resets.
5. Players may not use the following glitches:
- Coconut Mall (both the ultra and the downward spiral skip)
- Grumble Volcano (however, the lava-respawn & rockhop glitches are allowed)
- Maple Treeway
- Mario Circuit
- Mushroom Gorge
- Rainbow Road (however, the moonjump at the beginning is allowed)
- Wario's Gold Mine
- GCN Waluigi Stadium
- N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

5a. Any form of glitching on those tracks will result in a penalty of 50 points (for every person performing a glitch) per race.
5b. Players points will also be corrected to their true values.
6. Repeating tracks is not allowed and will result in a penalty of 20 points on the clan with a player repeating a track (that is not chosen by a selection of a random vote).
7. If a track is selected and a player has a different track over that one (Example: Luigi Circuit is selected, but it loads Moo Moo Meadows), the player's clan will lose one of their room resets and the race will not count.
8. Picking a Custom Track in CTGP-R will require a restart of the room [the entire room will freeze for everyone who is not running CTGP-R's Custom Tracks] at the cost of that player's clan if it is selected (see rule B.4. for more information).

C. Mii Names

1. Tags may be placed in any part of the Mii name. However, the tag must be separated from the rest of the name if it is not in the beginning or middle of the Mii name.
1a. Acceptable separator characters consist of either a space or any of the following characters: @ * ( ) [ ] < > - + = ~ ` ' « » ∴ ◎ ♪ ☆ ○ ◇ □ △ ▽ ★ ● ◆ ■ ▲ ▼
2. Players must use the correct tag in their Mii name of the team they are registered with.
3. Names being used by a member may not be shared by another clanmate during a match.
4. Players may not use the clan tag alone in their Mii name.
5. Players may not use Mii names that include profanity or offense to the other clan.
6. Players must not use the opposing clan’s tag during a match.
7. If and only if two teams from the same clan are playing each other, the team which is officially registered as Team 2 must put the character "2" after its tag. (Example: If two teams from Charged Brigade played each other, Charged Brigade 1 would use the tag "cB" and Charged Brigade 2 would use the tag "cB2.")
8. Any of the above rules being broken will result in a penalty of 15 points.

D. Game Modifications

1. For people using the CTGP Revolution channel, the "My Stuff" folder, "Speedometer," and "Draggable Blue Shells" options have to be turned OFF and the "Remove Game Music" option must be set to NO. For people using ISOs, no personal game modifications whatsoever are allowed to be used.
2. If any part or parts of the above rule are broken, the player's points will not count for the match.

E. Hosting

1. If the host is loading through the CTGP Revolution channel, the host must not have a white line (that is, CTs must be off). If CTs are on, the host must reset and load with CTs off. If the host resets during a race, that counts as one of the hosting team's resets (see rule B.4.). Failure to reset before the beginning of the second race that the host played with CTs on results in a -20 penalty.
2. Hosts must close the room after each race someone disconnects in unless the team has already used their allowed amount of resets (see rule B.4. for more information) or if there is consent to continue.
3. Hosts must close the room if there are less than 2 people on the voting screen unless there is consent to continue.
4. The hosting team must provide the opposing team with a host friend code at least 15 minutes before but no sooner than 3 hours until the scheduled/agreed start time.
5. The host must not open the room earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled/agreed time unless both teams are in agreement to do so sooner.
6. The host must open the room within 5 minutes from the scheduled/agreed time unless both teams are in agreement to wait longer.
7. Hosts who break rule 4 or 5 must close/re-open the room should the opposition request it.
8. The host must allow a maximum of 15 minutes after the scheduled/agreed time for players to join the room and start it after that time frame unless both teams are in agreement to start sooner or wait longer. See rule E.10. for more information.
9. The host must wait a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes before starting the room (continuing the match) unless both clans are in agreement to start sooner or wait longer. See rule E.10. for more information.
10. If the host starts the room without all participants from both teams and has not waited the full waiting time, the host must reset at the cost of one of the hosting team's allowed resets (unless a team gives consent that the host may start without all of their players in the room).
11. If the host kicks a player from the room during a match, the hosting clan will receive a penalty of 100 points and that player will be permanently banned from hosting.
11a. To check whether someone was kicked, go to http://wiimmfi.de/show-bans and you can see. If so, take a screenshot and contact a staff member immediately.
11b. If the host kicks a player during a race, that race will not count. This will also result in the hosting player's clan using one of their resets (see B.4. for more information).
12. Any of the above rules broken without a penalty listed will result in a penalty of 20 points for each time and every rule broken.

F. Lagging

1. Players points may be not counted if they were lagging to an extent where it was at a disadvantage to the opponent and/or at an advantage to the player.
2. Players race points may be corrected to their true values should enough proof of those true values be presented.

G. Cheating

1. Players must not use any form of hacking, intentionally lagging, or other exploitations (programs ran from a PC sending data from the console is included) which may be considered to be an advantage over their opponent.
1a. Hacking or cheating is an automatic ban for the player and a loss for the clan in that match.
2. Clans must not use any banned players.
2a. If a clan uses a banned player, the first offense is an automatic forfeit for that match and the second offense is a removal from the league.
3. Players may be required to abide by Conditional Participation rules should they have a reasonable accusation made against them and/or be widely suspected of cheating.

H. Conditional Participation

1. The staff reserve the right to place any player on conditionals at any time if a majority vote is reached. Said player will immediately be required to partake in conditional participation henceforth.
2. Streaming the conditional participation can be done with either a camera or a capture card. Recording the conditional participation can only be done with a camera (which must show movement the entire time---not docked and/or not in one place).
2a. If the player is using a camera while streaming or recording their conditional participation, you must be able to clearly see the screen.
2b. For those who are streaming their conditional participation, be sure to have your account set to archive the stream for later viewing.
3. The stream or recording must include all parts of the procedure in it.
4. Players must upload and post their conditional participation on the results thread. This must be done within 48 hours after the scheduled/agreed match start time and players must be keep it uploaded until it has been approved by the division admin or the council.
5. Failure to upload a valid conditional participation will result in a loss of their points or a penalty of 150 points (whichever is greater) for that match. If a player fails to upload a valid conditional participation for the second time, they will face the same consequence and will be banned for the remainder of the season.
1. Power off the console and then power it back on.
2. *Choose exactly one of the methods below (2a, 2b, or 2c) which allow you to connect to Wiimmfi, and proceed*
2a. CTGP Revolution Users
2a-1. Load the CTGP Revolution Channel.
2a-2. Go into the settings, and make sure they comply with Rule D.1.
2a-3. Go back to the home screen of CTGP Revolution and launch the game.
2b. Wiimmfi Patcher [Homebrew Channel Application] Users
2b-1. Load the Wiimmfi Patcher.
2c. ISO Users
2c-1. Load the USB Loader GX channel or application. (This is the only USB loader that is allowed!)
2c-2. Click the Mario Kart Wii game.
2c-3. Click ‘Settings’
2c-4. Proceed to ‘Game Load’, scrolling through the list until you see Ocarina which you will set to ON.
2c-5. Click ‘Save’ and then go back two times which will take you to the main game menu.
2c-6. Click ‘Start’
2c-7. A message will appear that says the game is being loaded without cheats---press ‘Continue’
3. Continue streaming or recording until the track selection for the 1st race appears.

I. Disconnections & Player Compensation

1. Players receive +3 points per race that they do not appear on the results screen. However, this rule is ONLY applied when consent is given for the team with the disconnected player to not restart the room.
2. If all participating racers appear on the results screen, the race counts (with the exception of rules I.3. and I.4.).
3. If 1 or more people from each team disconnect, the race does not count (Unless both teams agree to count the race).
4. If 2 or more people disconnect within 3 seconds of each other, and at least 1 is from each clan, the race does not count.
5. Missing players receive +3 points for each race they do not take place in. Missing an entire GP would be +12 points.

J. Trolling

Having a player(s) from a clan being at least one lap behind and hitting the opponents with any item (except for the lightning), wheelie bumping them, taking their item box, or bumping them into a wall, the offroad, an item, or any course obstacle is considered trolling.

1. Trolling is not allowed by default.
2. It is up to the hosting team whether or not to allow trolling.
3. Once the room has been opened for the first time, the decision cannot be altered.
4. Trolling is a penalty of 20 points per incident. (Unless it is in agreement to being allowed and does not break rule J.3.)

- If a player(s) is at least one lap behind but is not moving and is not holding/using any items and a racer drives into them, that will not be a trolling penalty.
- If an item box is taken that no player in the vicinity is aligned to take, there will not be a trolling penalty.
- There will not be a trolling penalty if there is no possible way for the person who got trolled to gain any positions.
- Video proof of the trolling (in the actual race---minimap is not sufficient proof) is required in order for any action to happen.
- The division admin and staff will decide whether or not to give a trolling penalty on a case-by-case basis.

K. Results

1. The hosting team must post the match result no later than 48 hours after the match completion (unless the away team already has).
2. If neither clan can provide proof of the match result, then proof of any completed races may be counted as the final result.
2a. If there is no proof of the match result, then that match may be scored as a draw.
3. The clan who posts the match result must include a screenshot from http://wiimmfi.de/mkw of all participants and their friend codes (Example: https://i.imgur.com/77KNcNl.png). It is recommended that both clan take screenshots in case it is attempted to edit one.
4. Point System
4a. If a clan wins a match, they score 2 points on the leaderboard.
4b. If two clans draw a match, they will both score 1 point on the leaderboard.
4c. If a clan loses a match by more than 20 points, they score 0 points on the leaderboard.
4d. If a clan loses a match by 20 points or less, they will receive a "bonus point loss” which awards that clan 1 point on the leaderboard.

L. Incomplete Matches

1. Should staff agree that a team had an acceptable reason for not completing a match, then any remaining GP(s)/race(s) are to be played at a mutually agreed date/time. Should both teams fail to reach an agreement, then they are to play at a date/time set by staff.
2. Should staff be of the opinion that a team were unwilling to complete a match without good reason, then any scores for any completed GP(s)/race(s) that are presented may be counted as the final match result, or the team who were unwilling to complete the match may lose that match by forfeit.

M. Rescheduling and Replays

1. Matches are to take place at the scheduled date/time, unless both clans are in agreement to play at a different date/time which permits them to post results no later than 48 hours after the match completion.
2. Should a scheduled match coincide with a country's national or religious holiday, then both clans are to play at a mutually agreed date/time. Should both clans fail to reach an agreement, then they are to play at a date/time set by staff.
3. Clans must honor the agreed upon date/time or staff set date/time for reschedules, replays or for the completion of any remaining GP(s)/race(s).
4. Should clans fail to honor the agreed upon date/time or staff set date/time for reschedules, replays or for the completion of any remaining GP(s)/race(s), then any scores for any completed GP(s)/race(s) that are presented may be counted as the final match result. If no GP(s)/race(s) are presented, then the match will be defaulted to 150-150 and both clans will receive 0 points for the match.
5. Clans must post their rescheduled match results and/or remaining GP/race results no later than 48 hours after the match completion.

N. Forfeits

1. Forfeits are scored as 150-0.
2. If a clan forfeits during a season, it will result in:
...... 1st Forfeit: Warning.
...... 2nd Forfeit: Risk no invitation for next season.
...... 3rd Forfeit: Disqualification from the Dual Racers League.

3. A match between two disqualified or withdrawn team will be scored as 150-150. (Rule L.4b. would not apply in this case.)

O. Tiebreakers

In the case of a tie between two or more clans (in the final standings), there will be a set of checks to determine the higher placing clan.

#1: The higher overall difference between those individual matches. (Example: Match 1 - A 388-344 B, Match 2 - A 315-417 B; Total - A 703-761 B. B wins!)
#2: The greater amount of matches won in total.
#3: The higher overall difference in total.

P. Disqualifications / Withdrawals

1. Any previous results for disqualified or withdrawn clan may be altered to forfeit defeats.
2. Any previous results for disqualified or withdrawn teams against disqualified or withdrawn clans may be altered to 150-150. (Rule L.4b. would not apply in this case.)
3. Any individual points for players of disqualified or withdrawn teams will be removed.

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